Elephant endangerment

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Conserve elephants. They hold a scientific mirror up to humans

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But, though pandas are an endangered species, the cause of their endangerment is depressingly quotidian: a loss of habitat as Earth’s human population increases. Basic Facts About Elephants.

Ivory trade

Habitat loss is one of the key threats facing elephants. Increasing conflict with human populations taking over more and more elephant habitat and poaching for ivory are additional threats that are placing the elephant’s future at risk.

Elephants Conservation Status. Elephants are endangered animals and that is a statement that all of us need to take very seriously. They are enormous animals and one that many cultures hold in high regard.

In addition to experience and how you package yourself, timing is also key.

Elephants on the path to extinction - the facts

Don't do it on a Friday afternoon. The tusks of the elephant are prized for use in jewelry making and ivory carving. The demand for ivory was so vast in the years leading up to the elephant's status as a threatened species that the population declined immensely.

Endangered Species Spotlight Topics. Choose any of the Spotlight Topics below for further study and review. This will help deepen one’s understanding of the endangered species issue.

Elephant endangerment
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