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The Journal of Legal Studies publishes research about law and legal institutions, with an emphasis on social science approaches. A. Legal guardianship, where a child loses both parents, is a subject which should be considered by all parents.

When To Consider Legal Guardianship

Naturally, it is a very difficult topic and one that many. Earn a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) online. Specifically designed for professionals who can benefit from legal training in US Law from a variety of fields.


About the Legal Studies Bachelor's Degree. In your core legal studies degree courses, you'll examine the organization, function, and processes of the lawmaking institutions in the American legal system, as well as the role of the paralegal in the legal system and the governing rules of legal ethics.

YCMOU Maharashtra BA| BCom FY SY TY Results May Exam Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open university May ug annual result date 1st,2nd 3rd examination.

YCMOU Maharashtra BA| BCom FY SY TY Results April-May 2018 Exam Lagal studies
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