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Robin Schorr jarring closely with her writers. Welcome to Lotus Lane Literary! A dynamic independent literary agency representing a diverse list of debut and seasoned authors.

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The agency represents best-selling and award-winning authors from across the world. Focusing on adult fiction and non-fiction, the agency sells rights to the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and India (Indian Subcontinent).

ABOUT ICM PARTNERS ICM Partners is dedicated solely to the representation of artists, content creators, authors, artisans and journalists. Many of the biggest hits in motion pictures, television, music, and publishing were created on the page, on the stage. US SCREENWRITING AGENTS (A-F) LEGEND (only applies to US agencies) [*] This agency indicated it will consider new writers.

[**] This agency indicated it will consider writers ONLY as a result of references from persons. LA SCREENWRITER AGENTS (Here are 15 Boutique Agencies) by Dov S-S Simens on August 19, I have been reviewin online more than 3 hours today for windows 7 snpc oa & LA SCREENWRITER AGENTS (Here are 15 Boutique Agencies), yet Join my email list and get my free weekly advice on screenwriting, financing, shooting, producing, and much.

I have a completed, page Action Comedy screenplay.


I am looking for a comedy screenwriter to do a joke polish: just read the screenplay a couple times and add/edit jokes to the already existing scenes and/or suggest/write funny scenes to include. The International Screenwriters' Association provides screenwriting resources and opportunities to writers around the world to better their skills and advance their careers by offering knowledge and information on the art, craft, and business of screenplay writing.

Membership is open to all.

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